Microsoft YouthSpark Workshops 2013 – 2014

Microsoft YouthSpark Workshops 2013 – 2014

Microsoft Youth SparkPrior to establishing Make It Creative, the four co-founders worked together at Impact Japan, the parent organisation of the well-established organisation TEDxTokyo. It was during this time that the first ran a series of creative workshops on behalf of Microsoft Japan, as a part of Microsoft’s global YouthSpark initiative.

The workshops, which focused upon idea generation, design thinking, app planning and wire-framing, were primarily designed to teach students a process of problem solving, by designing apps and connected services to remedy challenges faced by Japan’s senior population.

Students were then able to apply the skills learnt through these workshops to take on challenges in their own lives, whether those be personal, study-related or connected with their careers.

The following videos provide an overview of the activities used, and the reaction of the students to the workshop experience.